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2017 Activities

Samaritans food giveaway for Christmas 2017

On Saturday December 16 the St. Ed's/St. Lucy's Samaritans Society had their Christmas Food Giveaway.
Approximately 30 parishioners helped in the distribution of presents and food to the 240 area needy people.
Over 400 presents were given to the children and almost 2000 food items including frozen chickens or turkeys were distributed.

Sylvia Nowakowski and Linda Bell coordinated the present delivery

Samaritans food giveaway for Thanksgiving 2017

On Saturday November 18, 2017 the SS. Edward/St. Lucy's Samaritan's Society had their
Thanksgiving Food Giveaway for needy people in the area.

Approximately 2200 food items, including frozen turkeys, were distributed.
There were 50 parishioners helping in the event.
About 1/3 of the distributed items came from the "Fill A Cruiser" program which happened the week before.

Thanks to all who helped volunteer, donated and supported this event.

2017 Car Show photos

Random photos of the cars that were entered into the 2017 Car Show

Thanks to everyone - car show participants - volunteers -  dinner and games guests!

Hope to see you in 2018!!

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Samaritans giveaway for Easter 2017

On Saturday April 1, 2017 - the Middlefield Police Deptment had a "Fill A Cruiser" event at the
Middlefield Walmart and Save A Lot
in which customers donated over 1000 food items and $471 in cash
to the upcoming Samaritans Easter Food Giveaway on April 8, 2017.
Many people in our area are generous for the cause.

On Saturday April 8 St.Ed's/St. Lucy's Samaritans Society had their Easter Food Giveaway.
40 parishioners helped in distributing over 5000 food items to area needy.
They received canned goods, paper products, potatoes and ham.
There were 79 deliveries to 163 adults and 114 children.
All was funded by our generous parishioners.

The Samaritans Giveaway was greatly aided by "The Fill A Cruiser" event the previous week
where The Middlefield Police Department received food and money donations from customers at Walmart and Save A Lot.

2016 Activities

Samaritans giveaway for Christmas 2016

On Saturday December 17th, 2016,  St. Edward's and St. Lucy's Samaritans Giveaway delivered
approximately 3500 food items and paper products to 50 needy families and 34 singles in our area.

This included fresh meat and potatoes. About 40 people helped in the distribution.

The Samaritans Giveaway was aided by The Middlefield Police Dept. having a "Fill A Cruiser" event the week before the Giveaway.

Thanks to all who helped support this years event!

Congratulations 2016 Confirmation Class

Congratulations 2016 Communion Class



Samaritans giveaway for Easter 2016

On Saturday March 19, 2016 the St. Edward's/St. Lucy's Samaritan's Society had their Easter Food Giveaway.

About 30 parishioners helped in the event in which over 2000 food items were distributed to the area needy.

The Samaritan's Society is deeply grateful for the "Fill A Cruiser" event on Saturday March 12, 2016 which was organized by the Middlefield Police Dept.

On that Saturday, customers at Middlefield Walmart and Save A Lot, donated items to the next week's giveaway.